Inspirational stories from around the globe

We all have OUR story inside of us. This is made up of different areas in our lives and of all the experiences that has happened to us to shape our journeys.

Revival is offering a 'safe place' to tell your story without judgement. Our criteria is based mainly around how you came to the place you're at now, with your own business and set of rules. With your permission, we want to produce an Published book and E-book made up of those who are happy to share their story far and wide. 

The cost of editing, proofreading, publishing and distributing for this particular project is split amongst the participants at £99 per person. The benefits of taking part in this project are fabulous for you and your business... see below:


  • You'll be promoted in the book through your own chapter

  • Your story and tips will inspire and establish a connection as an author and writer to the outside world

  • You can add CO-AUTHOR to your list of achievements and accolades

  • You'll build closer connections by sharing your journey with others

  • You can reach a global audience by being co-author of this book

  • You'll build your brand profile and be seen as an authority in your own arena

  • Those who buy the book will understand the very nature of collaboration and they too can be successful in taking part in such projects

  • This project is profit sharing with 70% of the published book going back to the co-authors

  • We'll be building an event around the promotion of this book and inviting some women to share their stories in person to the audience

Here are the guidelines below:

Up to 1000 words

Clear, head and shoulders picture

  • What made you start your business?

  • Why did you choose that profession?

  • What challenges have you faced both before and after to get you to this point?

  • What aspirations do you have for the future?

  • What advice would you give up those considering starting out on their own?

You can choose to be as personal or not as you wish with your story.

Please send YOUR STORY and picture to

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