Ambitious Women Success Circles


Take your mindset and business to the next level with a step-by-step programme to propel your success

Our Ambitious Women Success Circles are going to change some women's lives completely. We've teamed up with our fellow member Jo Van Osch (Inspired People Ltd) to create this 12-month intense programme which will allow you to gain incredible insight into why your business plan may not be reaching the heights you had planned and how you can change it and yourself to create a success mindset and successful path to growth and scaling up.


You'll be profiled both in personality and your sales strengths and development areas. You'll build a plan around these to ensure a realistic view and one that does actually allow you to grow both personally and professionally. You'll be trained and you'll follow a robust development process during the course of the programme made all the more easier by an online portal to track your progress consistently. You'll form bonds with your fellow peers and you'll be assigned an accountability buddy through it all to keep you on track. You'll have BONUS webinars to boost your knowledge and you'll attend 8 round table meetings topped off with a fantastic luxury retreat at the end to celebrate your growth and your achievements. You'll be fully supported by your facilitators, accountability buddy, the group and by Jo and myself so you'll never be left wondering....

If you're not already signed up to be a member, this programme includes our top membership. The whole programme is worth a whopping £13,500 all inclusive! The value you'll gain from taking part in this is priceless and at only £279 per month for everything above (totalling £2,988), this is the programme you should think about taking if you are looking for REAL value. 

We're not promising you the 'EARTH' because we can't. It's up to you to put the work in and to do everything you're being guided to do. The one guarantee we can make is that if you do commit, you will see a change in yourself and the areas of your business that may have been failing. You will have strong bonds with your groups and your facilitator and you'll become part of a successful mindset group all supporting each other to move forward.

What you can expect from your AMBITIOUS WOMEN SUCCESS CIRCLES:

  • Accountability which brings progress in your business and personal life.

  • Solutions and ideas brought about by brainstorming within the group.

  • Confidence that you’re making the right decisions towards your goals and that you’ve also shared your knowledge and experience to help others.

  • A more focused peer mentorship and support system.

  • Clearer vision of the way you want your business to look and not just the same as everyone else.

  • Learning through the skills and knowledge of your peers and facilitator first hand.

  • Advice, tips and hints on improving your business.

  • A quicker route to reaching your goals through focused decision making.


Now the more practical stuff:

  • Personality Profiling

  • Sales Profiling

  • Emotions Profiling

  • 12-month Strategic Planning

  • Development Tracker

  • Online Portal to keep updated on your progress and to keep learning through webinars

  • 5 BONUS learning webinars

  • Mid-programme training on marketing / sales

  • Weekly motivation emails to keep you on track

  • Accountability buddy for regular check ins to make sure you're working on your growth strategies

  • Inspiring surroundings at your monthly meetings

  • 8 monthly circle meetings

  • 1 away day

  • 1 luxury 3-day retreat with two full day's of learning and celebrating how far you've come


You will need the following to be considered for this exclusive membership:


  • Business plan and vision statement (if you don’t have these, we can help you to prepare them, just let us know)

  • The desire to grow your business and make your year ahead extraordinary

  • A willingness to commit to the changes required to grow your business and to your fellow members

  • A willingness to commit to this programme for 12-months

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