Marketing Support

For Women in Business

Increase your brand exposure and REAL business opportunities through group support.

Marketing PODS

We understand how important it is to make an impact on social media and also how hard it is to get noticed in the first place. 

Our Marketing PODS are set up to encourage support and teamwork by helping promote each others’ business through social media.

Daily Connections

Most members who take the opportunity to join these groups really see an upsurge in their views, connections and ultimately, business opportunities coming their way through this increased brand exposure. 

We also have a WhatsApp Chat POD which is real time conversation daily and a great way to connect and get to know each other.

The PODS have guidelines which ensure success, but any member can join at any time.

Social Media Exposure

Each week we highlight a member within our group and across our social channels. This includes information about their business and we encourage others to reach out to them, ask questions and find out more about their business. If you take part in our magazine or speakers project, this promotion continues across those channels too.

Revival is all about raising your profile in whatever way we can, to help you get the exposure your business needs. We would encourage you to take advantage of all the benefits you have on offer.