As women we instinctively put everyone else first. Family, friends, partners, parents, children and even pets will all be top of the pecking order before we take a breath and think of ourselves, if at all. When we have a business, this is something else which we manage to squeeze in and use our precious time to manage and maintain whilst juggling the never ending stream of balls in the air.


By embarking on a solo wellness journey, we are empowering ourselves to put our self-care at the top of our list. This allows us the mental and physical strength to see all of our other responsibilities succeed too. By becoming more intimately aware of ourselves, we can concentrate on our own energy and focus.


When you join us on our ‘AWAKENING’ journey, you will gain a new perspective on your relationship with yourself. You’ll engage with genuine likeminded women and forge new relationships and friendships whilst encouraging your own personal growth, through challenging your comfort zones.


YOUR WILL CHOOSE your own itinerary full of wonderful and magical learnings with fully qualified professionals. You’re surroundings, amongst stunning scenery and nature can do nothing but inspire you to ‘detox’ from any outside distractions and you’ll feast like the queen you are!


Our weekend space is designed to fully empower your wellbeing and mental awareness and will re-energise your inner purpose to allow you to leave us feeling you are stepping into your full potential.


Meet our qualified professionals who'll be leading you through this fantastic journey

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We pick our members first for everything!


We're always looking for new workshops and ways to learn and help others for our events so all of our trainers are chosen first from our pool of members. 

From Business to Health & Wellness.


Our members love sharing their stories and we encourage them to inspire others by doing this and their knowledge. Our events are inspired by the people who take part and attend.


We all need service businesses so our first stop is Revival to give you a chance to become a valued supplier. We've already made quite a few members a great profit just by joining us.


We've recently opened up our Advisory member positions which are non-profit but such a huge advantage to take part and a catalyst for non-executive board members offers!



Affordable options to be part of this supportive community for everyone


Marketing Support 

FREE promotion 

Tips, Advice, Challenges, Debates

Earn an income by referring

Paid positions for our events

Profit Sharing Projects

Co-Host at our events

Introductions through LinkedIn

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All of CLUB benefits

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Coming 2020


All CLUB and REVIVE Benefits

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Coming 2020

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