For Women in Business

Work as a team in our projects and earn through our profit sharing scheme.


The Revival Sanctuary ethos is all about collaboration and this permeates through the projects we create.

Both of our large projects namely, MO2VATE Magazine and The Speakers Index are run by our members. If you have what it takes, then you’re in! We look for values, integrity, honesty, hard work and a good work ethic but most importantly, reliability and consistency.

Get Involved

We have a wide range of projects coming up which will allow you to work with each other as part of a team, learn from one another and earn money by sharing the profit. The rewarding feeling you have is unexplainable when you know you’ve all worked collaboratively and the outcome is amazing. All of our projects have been successful to date and we don’t expect that to change!

We have so much knowledge within our platform, it made complete sense to create experiences that encapsulated this and allowed our members to showcase their specialist areas. It’s very hard constantly trying to get work on your own, but when you have a support network and a dedicated team around you, this is where the magic really happens.

Profit Sharing Opportunities

The aim of Revival is to allow the members to feel a true part of what we’re trying to achieve, which is getting women in business to work together to achieve success. 

This is achieved by creating an environment and projects where members have the opportunity to really support each other and when the right projects come up, to work as a collaborative team together. 

When new projects are created, we offer members the opportunity to apply to be on the winning teams where they work towards an aligned vision and earn money through their hard work by profit sharing. All projects require an initial small investment, but our projects to date have proved truly successful with participating members, making far more than they invested.

Our Projects

Here are some shared projects we have created already with many more in the pipeline…