Earn £125 for only 5 referrals

The best kind of marketing is word of mouth for every business so to show our appreciation to our members, we feel it's only right to reward them with a lucrative scheme that can earn them money for simply spreading the word and asking their friends and colleagues to sign up to our platform. We feel this will be a relatively 'easy sell' as Revival is a great platform and very different from other women's networks! Don't just take our word for it, check out our testimonials HERE!

Here's how it works...

Example:- Standard Yearly Membership (£79 per year)

  • Refer 5 people on the yearly membership only (monthly is non-applicable to this offer)

  • Ensure referrals write your name on the form when signing up (Your referral will be cancelled if they do not mention your name when signing up)

  • We'll let you know when we have your 5th referral and ask you to invoice us

  • You'll receive £125 for every 5 referrals received within a 12-month period (Jan - Dec)

Your referral fee is a one off fee only, payable within two weeks after your last referral.

All of your five referrals must be within a 12 month period running from January to December of any given year.

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