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After working for years in the corporate world and suddenly taking a leap of faith to self-employment, Sharon was thrown into a world of isolation. Not knowing what to do next or who to speak to, she was searching for something and somewhere she could be herself and share her thoughts, ideas, fears and celebrations with likeminded women. After joining several networks, Sharon realised it wasn't easy finding the right fit or the right tribe, so decided to experiment with starting her own network. Revival Sanctuary was born in 2017 with no expectations. It has now grown into an amazing community of women from across the globe...


Revival Sanctuary is an online global community connecting female solo business owners and those who are starting out with their dreams. We all feel a little lost at times and isolated, sometimes missing the corporate surroundings of working in a team or just having the buzz of people around us every day and at times isolation is the price we pay to take that leap of faith and go all out on our own to find our own freedom and eventually, financial security.

The answer is, you don’t have to feel on your own. We have created Revival Sanctuary which is a ‘safe place’ brimming with diverse women from around the globe. Our ethos is 'COLLABORATION over COMPETITION' and that message is nurtured throughout the community and adopted by everyone in it.

Imagine… a community where people actually engage together, share their stories purposefully and take the time to get to know you and what your business is about. A place where everyone fully supports and promotes each other and where you have the opportunity to come together at live events and retreats and showcase your own skills in a paid role.

Revival Sanctuary works because it’s member inclusive which means, suppliers are being chosen from within the group. Business opportunities are real. We offer different levels of help and support and you can choose what you’d like to take part in. You can also earn extra money through our generous and simple referral scheme, become a trainer or speaker at our retreats and work together through innovative collaborations.

This isn’t just another women’s network. This is a truly special experience where you’ll connect on a deeper level and make friends for life. Join us and #makeadifference to your own chance of success whilst helping others do the same.

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